Why I Love Hijab (and why you should too)!

Why I Love Hijab (and why you should too)!

Hijab hasn't been much of a touchy subject lately as has other Islamic related issues have, but being that BuzzFeed recently did an amazing Snapchat project for it, I was inspired to talk about it. I love wearing hijab and I want to share with the world why!

So here we go: 

1. First and foremost, it just one of the many ways I submit myslef to God and His message.

2. It helps me stand out as a Muslim. 

3. I rarely get cat-called. Unfortunately we live in a world where it's the norm everywhere, and it's one less thing I have to deal with. I only get the occassional unwanted marriage proposal now. 

4. I don't have to style my hair. I just throw on a scarf and go! Makes getting ready in the morning less complicated. However, picking a scarf to wear and style it in the morning is equally as fun!

5. It's a great conversation starter. I'm honestly extremely shy, yet my hijab tends to draw people into talking to me.

6. I'm never cold. 

7. (TMI!) I don't feel bad for not shaving. 

8. Getting dressed for a women's only event is so much more exciting.

9. People tend to come to me for their questions on Islam, so it's a constant reminder and motivation to seek knowledge myself so I can asnwer such questions appropriately.  

10. Other Muslims (and non-Muslims) know that I am Muslim, so they always know to greet me. Greetings from total strangers always brings about a sense of pre-established community and friendship. 

11. I was never a true party-goer, so no one invites me to parties, bars, etc. Such an awkward look of a hijabi sitting in a bar. Lol. It's a nice excuse, and keeps me focused on my studies here at school and projects I'm working on.

12. People trust me. Being a Muslim (and everyone's problem solver at heart) means that people can confide in me with their secrets and problems and they know all is safe with me. I've even had people tables lengths away from me come up to me and ask me if I can watch over their belongings while they go to the bathroom.

13. My confidence level has quadrupled since wearing the headscarf. There's nothing negative that hasn't been said about my appearance and to be honest I could care less about what other people think. 

14. I can still be myself. Yes, take me to that concert you've been dying to go to, let's go eat some sushi at 3 am, let's go rock climbing, I'm down! I've changed for the better since becoming Muslim, but that doesn't mean I stopped having a life! 

You probably wondering now, why should you like hijab? Because like many personal choices, it's doesn't harm you or effect your quality of life in any shape or form. Wearing hijab is not a tenet of being a Muslim women, and many decide it's not for them, and that's OKAY.  

Do you wear hijab? What are some reasons you love wearing hijab? Comment below!