Favorite Halal Spots to Eat in Tuscaloosa

Favorite Halal Spots to Eat in Tuscaloosa

In small town Tuscaloosa, for the average person there are many dining spots that even Yelp can't track of or count. I, on the other hand, was treading my options when I first arrived here as a freshman embarking on the college journey. "No Freshman 15 for me" is what I kept thinking to myself as I ate daily for the salad bars at my on-campus dining halls. Let's face it, anywhere in America a Muslim is going to be limited in choices in where to eat. Unbeknownst to me, in the small tucked away areas in Tuscaloosa there were more than enough spots that would answer the call of hunger not only for me but for most of my friends. 

1. Sitar Cuisine

Serving an wide array of authentic Indian dishes, this place is most visited for their lunch buffet. Me and my friends go in groups and hurry in every Friday before they close at 3 pm to get their tikki masala, naan, and rice, and we always left full (and tired). Don't leave without your gulab jamun and tea! Their dinner menu is a bit more pricey, but great for date nights. 

2. Big Daddy's Grill and Hookah Cafe

Big Daddy's has definitely come a long way. When I first started eating here, there was nothing but good food; now there's a packed hookah bar, a full menu of American and Mediterranean food, and best of all: they deliver! This restaurant has gotten me through my dining hall days. Being the only hookah bar in town, means this is a great hangout where you'll always see a familiar face if you're a local.

3. Windy City Restaurant

Hamburger Combo

Hamburger Combo

This restaurant also doubles as a market. I'm here at least four times a week picking up my lunch and goods to cook with. Their prices are unmatched, and the owner and employees are nothing but nice and understanding. 

4. Red Lobster

Of course this is a staple for any town, but a girl has to have their seafood! Me and Ibrahim always order and split the Lobster, Shrimp, and Salmon plate. Perfect date night, for the couple that doesn't like to plan date nights. Their strawberry lemonade is the best I've had.

What are the best of the best restaurants in your town? I'm asking for...uhhh...bucket list purposes...#AskingForAFriend.