Because of Jamberry...

Many of you have lately been asking me about Jamberry Nails, and I thought I'd make this post to tell you all about what Jamberry can do for YOU. So what exactly is Jamberry?

Jamberry is a company that was started by three sisters living in Utah who were basically fed up with shelling out money for expensive salon manicures and invented a nail wrap that could be applied in the comfort of one's home, last longer all the while save you and me money!

What makes Jamberry so much more worth the switch then? I'm glad you asked!

$15 gets you three to four manicures. If you're a college student like me, or are trying your very best to stick to a tight budget, you simply don't have the money to pay for biweekly salon manicures, especially if your nails tend to chip and peels only days later! Save your money towards that once in a lifetime Spring Break trip, more groceries, or even a new outfit to go along with your Jamicure!

Stays on fingers 2-3 weeks and on toes 4-6 weeks. Speaking of nail salons, when the last time your $50+ mani/pedi lasted more than two weeks with absolutely no chipping, and no peeling? Even if you opt to doing your own nails, you have probably faced the unspeakable moments of smudging your hard work when you reach for your phone or need to go to the restroom. Luckily, you don't need to ever worry about that with Jamberry nail wraps! Our wraps are long-lasting and will get you more compliments but with less the effort!

Easily apply them at home. Jamberry nail wraps can be applied with tools that you most likely have already sitting in your bathroom cabinets! Being that our nail wraps are heat-activated, all you really need is a cuticle pusher, a pair of scissors, and a hair dryer! Crazy right? Don't have any of these items? No worry, I sell application kits on my website :)

Jamberry can honestly change your life one mani at a time. Because of Jamberry, I feel more confident when I talk to people, I have more time to focus on school, and I literally get paid to have pretty nails, party, and socialize! And I JUST joined. Thank you Jamberry!

Check out our brand new catalog HERE.